Website Accessibility

This website follows the UK Government recommended use of Accesskeys to enable the enhanced use of the keyboard to navigate this website.

Accesskeys defined on this site:

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Accesskeys can, however, conflict with other browser shortcuts. If this is an issue with your browser setup then you can temporarily disable Accesskeys for this website by clicking here. i

Accesskeys are currently disabled on this website.
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Using Accesskeys in your web browser:

The following keyboard shortcuts are used to invoke accesskeys in different browsers.

BrowserWhat to do
MSIE 5+(PC)Alt + Accesskey then Enter
Firefox/Mozilla 1+, Safari(PC)Alt + Accesskey
Firefox 2+(PC)Alt + Shift + Accesskey
Opera 8+(PC) 7+(Mac)Shift + Esc then Accesskey
Other Browsers (Mac)Ctrl + Accesskey
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